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Prices guest harbour


The harbour fee has to be paid between 16.00 and 10.00. The fee should be paid at the latest 45 minutes from arrival.  The fee includes electricity, water, wc, shower, internet, laundry facilities, rent of bike and garbage disposal. Upon payment on the pier an extra fee amounting 100 sek has to be paid.

The fees are as follows:

Length of yacht Price
Up to 12 meters 250 sek
12-15 meters 300 sek
15-20 meters 350 sek
Over 20 meters 450 sek

Outer harbour

Dockan Marina also manage berth number 31 and 24 in the outer harbour. The fee in the outer harbour is:

  • For Commercial ships and ships booked through an agent the fee is 5 sek (excl VAT) per grosstonnage without fee for garbage. No possibility to electricity.
  • For non-profit vessels the fee is 20 sek per meter without garbage fee. No possibility to electricity.

Shower & wc is included for up to 10 people per vessel and day. For other persons 25 sek per day and vessel is added.



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