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Practical information for visiting boats

Except of this practical information we also would like to ask you to study Regulations of the Marina for visiting boats.

At the very bottom of Dockan Marina the harbor office with WC, showers and laundry is located.

The berth no A1, A0, B1, B0-B4 and C0 are located just outside the harbor office and are dedicated guest harbor places and you can stay in these places for as long as you want after paid harbor fee and if the berth är marked green.

The locations A3 and A4 are also just outside the harbor office and are bookable via www.dockspot.com. These places have the dimensions 4.25 x 15 meters. The dockspot are marked in green and available to other guests if they are not booked. Remember, however, that these places can be booked at 11:59 pm the day before the day of arrival. The place is then available to the person who booked the place at 12:00 the day of arrival and another guest must then move from the place before noon.

The dedicated guest harbor spots, dockspot and other green marked places are available to our guests. Remember, however, that the other green-marked places can also be red-marked if the regular boat-owner wants to use his place. The guest harbor staff then either announce the day before or the same day in the morning that the guest must move their boat. This can also be done by attaching the “Please Contact the Harbor Office” tag to the guest boat. NOTE, if a guest is to leave his boat in Dockan Marina and not stay overnight in his boat, the guest must ensure that he is in a place that is approved by the port office and also submit his contact details.

We can now offer internet coverage in the guest harbor in Dockan Marina. The network is free to use after paying its port fee. To get the code to the network one should pay their port fee with the Gomarina app according to the following instructions:

• Download the Gomarina app from the App Store or Google Play.
• Register your Gomarina account and pay your port fee. You will get code for wifi, showers and toilets on your receipt.
• Change network to “Gomarina wifi” and use your code to log in.

Open your web browser manually if it does not open automatically after you connect to the networks. The code for the network is also obtained on the receipt when you pay their port fee in the payment machine.

The guest harbor is open all year round. Port fee is paid via the app gomarina (android or iOS), in the payment machine at the port office or at the port office according to fixed tariff. The port fee must be paid within 45 minutes of arrival. The receipt received from the payment machine must be attached to the boat visible from the quay on the boat. Code for showers, wc and wifi is shown in the receipt.

When paying via the app, no receipt is obtained to put the boat on. However, location numbers must be entered in the app upon payment. When paying via the app, the code for showers, WC and wifi is obtained from the digital receipt.
Port fees must be paid for boats that visit the port, regardless of the length of the visit, from 16.00 in the afternoon until 10.00 in the morning the following day.

Water, electricity, internet, bicycle rental and septic tank emptying are also included in the port fee. The Latin Drain Station is open 24 hours a day.

The depth in the harbor is about 3.5 meters. Along the eastern quay, the depth is approximately 2.7 meters most closest to the quay edge, while on the western side is about 1.65 closest to the quay edge. However, it quickly becomes deep if you come out a few meters from the quay edge. The bottom of the harbor basin consists mainly of sand.

We can also offer guest places directly adjacent to the Dockan Marina in the outer harbor where the depth is about 6 meters. Please note that these places do not have electricity and water and must be pre-booked.

If you want to be sure that you have a good guest spot when you come to Dockan, it is good to pre-book via www.dockspot.com. If there are no vacancies to pre-book via Dockspot, you can make a booking request via marinan@dockanmarina.se. Don’t forget to state about what time you arrive at Dockan Marina, name of the boat, boat type, length, width and draft. If there are available bookable places, we will confirm as soon as we can, provided that the port office is manned and staffed on arrival.

Prices guest harbour.

Regulations for visiting boats.

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